More utility:

  •  Greater synthesis of your experiences with that of others

  • Opportunities to interact within the context of an experience. Help. Receive help. Learn. Teach

  • Higher relevancy and context, leading to enhanced benefits for all

Share Powerfully

By design:


Earthstory primarily considers you to be the source of information, as opposed to the subject.  The point of view is of you as a reporter, a historian, or a subject-matter blogger.

Try Earthstory.  Tell stories.


Share History

Share your experiences from where they occur

Recall your exact location and experience by actually going there.

Share information with others that visit the locations of your experiences. Reply when then contact you from a location that you visited in the past and want more information. 

Your story should last forever.  

Share history!


Share Passion

Inspiration has geography

Demonstrations have locations.

Immortalize your demonstration on location by posting video to Earthstory for others to discover when they visit the same location.  


Provide sight and sound from the past in the context of where it happened!

Share Fun

The experiences that you have witnessed should live forever, available to inform others when they arrive where you have been.  

Document the beauty, fun, and sounds of "everyday" life for the enjoyment and benefit of the people of the future.