Life on Earth as a whole is a glorious and fleeting event.  Spectacular in its writhing composition of highs and lows, and in its paradoxical span - seemingly both eternal and in the blink of an eye.



Project: Life On Earth

The total of the stories of life on Earth are impossible to know, as they outnumber the stars. 


Every geo-locale on the planet has witnessed uncountable stories of life on Earth.

Would you like to peer into the stories of the spot where you are right now? Would it be interesting -- in fact fascinating -- to see and hear the joys, struggles, and the mundane of the people; the animals; the land and sky; that comprise the stories to which you are right now, with every breath, contributing?  

As of now, such stories are largely lost. But such need not be the case going forward.  


You are living in the past of some future people. Introduce them to the story of the Earth as you see it -- from your point of view.


Shoot and post video to provide dynamic action and sound that informs others of what you saw, heard, and felt when you were here.


Become a historian.

Together, let's tell the story of life on Earth.

Thank you!

Project: Life On Earth